Meadowlyn's Dream Shih Tzu
& Imperials

Emails from some of our happy customers...
Hey everyone, 
I picked up my new little guy
on Wed. and he is SUCH a joy already!! So playful and happy with a great disposition-smart but stubborn, So I've got my hands full! Here is a pic from the first day.
Palm Beach, FL 

Hi Lynn,
I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Piper. She is so sweet and has been doing pretty well at night with no crying, in fact she rarely makes a sound. Seems perfectly happy playing with her toys in her little bed or chasing the cats around. Wilma's not sure what to think of her but I think she will come around. Right now she is sticking close to my husband. 

It was nice to see you the other day. Take care.
Olympia, WA
Lynn, thank you so much for bringing Bailey into our lives. We looked, looked & looked some more.  We researched the Shih Tzu breed, so when the time came, we were ready & Bailey was ready for us.  He's the cutest & best baby ever and fit right in from day one.  He has such a great temperment.  Simply perfect!!!!
We cannot thank you enough and if we ever add another baby to our family, we'll be the first in line at your door for Bailey's brother or sister.  God bless you!"
Port Orchard, WA.  

 We all adore Poppy and she is quite a little character.  She and Callie, my Mom's Maltese 12 month old puppy,  are in love. Below is picture of Callie & Poppy together.  I have attached a clip of them playing together that I thought you might like to see.   Thanks, Sherry Berg  

Morning Lynn,

Roxie is Great !! She is such a "Devilish Thing" that we sometimes call her 
"Black Devil"...

She and Star have bonded. Two days ago Star decided to "Play" with her, they 
are so cute together.

She is doing well with Potty training. She has been to 2 Puppy Pre-School 
classes at the Sumner Vets.

She has a new friend named Lilly. Lilly was born 2 days after Roxie and 
belongs to friends of ous who have a 3 year old Shihtzu, named Sweat Pea. 
They are close friends of ous and Sweet Pea's "Parents" went crazy over 
Roxie and had to have a new baby. They just got Lilly yesterday and she and 
Roxie played together really well.

We think Roxie is a little over 2 pounds, she is doing great, just hasn't 
gained a lot of weight. We think she will be rsther small...

Thanks for a great puppy and we will try to bring her by soon so you can see 

Orting, WA

 This is Doreen and I just wanted to say how happy I am with my two Shih tzu's (Summer & Lola).  I was afraid to use the Internet to buy a 7 month old dog.  I cannot say how apologetic I should be.  Lynn's knowledge of the breed and kindness shows in her dogs.  I am glad she chose me to be Summer's new mom.  At the airport Summer stole my heart, we were best friends before we left.  I kept in touch with Lynn after buying Summer and when I learned Lola was available I could not resist.  The two "girls" are everything I expected and more.  My husband and I want to thank you for such lovable and sociable girls we LOVE them.  The dogs have adjusted very well and we are all very happy together.  We spend a lot of time together and travel a lot. The girls always make new friends and we are always complimented on them which makes us proud!  Thanks Lynn they are truly amazing...........Doreen  NY

Wilma & Piper both from Meadowlyn's
This is their 2nd purchase from us!
 Hi Lynn,
    I was just on your website and I love the new format.  Very classy!!  You are really cutting down your breeding stock.  Are you getting some new males?  I have been thinking about your little poodle you got about the time we picked up Savannah.  How is he doing?  I have often thought that I would love to have a ShiPoo.  Are you planning to breed him with one of your shih tzu's?  Let me know if you decide to do that.  Savannah is doing FABULOUS!  She is still under 4 pounds.  I think she is not going to get too much bigger.  She is such a character.  We love every little thing she does.  Well enough of my bragging (just a typical mom).  Hope all is well with you and again your new website is great!!

Poppy and Callie 
Summer and Lola
sisters both from
right here! 
Here is a photo of Tucker (we have renamed him Benny)  He is doing great we are very happy, too!
Jim and Julieta

 Hi Lynn,
    I got pictures of Mallory, sorry but we changed her name to Lala, I hope you don't mind. I bought some clothes for her and took her to Vet so she's very spoiled .I really love her and i coudn't go out without her by my side.I took her out today and brag her to all my friends and they really love her. I'm very proud to have her! Take care and i will update you and e-mail you sometimes. Thanks and i appreciate your kindness.
 Hi Lynn, 
Our buying experience with Lynn of Meadowlyn's Shih Tzu was great. There was no pressure from her to buy and she was willing to work with us on how and when we got our puppy. We bought Chase when he was 7 weeks old and he is great. He has grown so fast and has learned very quickly when it comes to listening what to do and on house training. He is a great dog to have and I'm glad that we were able to get him through Lynn. He is very playful and he loves to cuddle. I'm glad that we bought our puppy from Lynn of Meadowlyn's Shih Tzu.
Thanks for our puppy!
Liz & Eric

 Hi Lynn,

As promised, a few pictures of our little boy Rocky.  My boys
renamed him after we left.  He is just a bundle of energy and
joy.  We all absolutely love him and he is thriving and well.

You'll see in the last 4 pictures that we got his hair cut (a couple 
weeks ago).  He looks totally different!   Right away, our other 
female Shih Tzu, Millie, liked him much better.  I think because
she could see he was actually a dog and not a little cotton ball.
They play all the time now.  I think SHE wears him out sometimes!

Enjoy the pictures. 

Jane Murray 
 Hey Lynn,

I wanted to send you an update on “Bubbles” (father Simba, mother Dreamboat Annie) – now named Goji.  What an amazing pup we have!  He is 6 ½ months now and weights 4.8 lbs – very healthy with the BEST  personality!!  He is still hopping around and full of playful energy.  He is a JOY to own and we just love him to death!  Here is an updated pic of him – since we think he is the best looking dog ever and you may want to show him off on your website.



Tracy and Ricardo from Miami Beach, Florida


 HI Lynn,
   Comet and Buddy are adoreable and soo fun.. I just took them to the vet yesterday to get  their rabie shots so they can be groomed for the summer. We let their hair grow long with groomings in between and their fur is beautiful.. Comet has black tips on his gold and white so when they cut his fur I'm sure he'll be all golden and white.. buddy looks like his mom. Buddy is now 11 pounds and Comet is 6 pounds. I'm still trying to house train them believe it or not.. they are about 70% there..
Comet is a little spitfire and eggs buddy to wrestle but they are very close and sleep together, play together and do everything together. They love going in the backyard to hang out.. We are having a ball with them..I will see if I can't get you a photo of them recently and see if we can scan it and send it to you..hope you are well.. and doggies too.

Hi Lynn, Bella is doing great!  This little Shih Tzu is an ANGEL!!!   She cuddled with me all the way home.  We made a couple of quick stops and she went potty right away.  She drank water as she sat on my lap.  We just love her!  Thank you so much for this little treasure.  After we got home and Ozzie saw her, I think he wondered what this funny looking puff ball was.  Bell wanted to play right away but it took Ozzie a couple of minutes to think about it.  But after Bella took hold of Ozzie's tail and woudn't let go, he decided to play.  They started chasing each other and had a great time.  She slept well through the night and was ready for play in the morning.  I threw a little ball and she hops like a bunny and chases it.  Most of the time she brings it back, but she does get distracted if Ozzie's tail looks better at that moment.  I love that she isn't a girly girl.  She just looks like one.  Tomorrow Ozzie has an appointment for his annual exam so my vet is going to give Bella one too.  I think it's good that she gets use to him and going there.  I want it to be a good experience.  Did I mention that we just love her?  Isn't it nice that it has finally cooled down.  I'm sure all your Shih Tzu's are happy.  Thanks again and I will keep in contact.  Joan
Good Morning Lynn

We haven't changed Bailee's name yet.  Not sure we will.   She was such a 
good girl last night.   She cryed for awhile then let us sleep until 6am. 
This morning she's a payful puppy.   We both love her to so much.   I bought 
a front pet carrier so when we took our Lucy dog for her walk last night 
Bailee road and seemed fine.
She's eating, drinking and playing.    Lucy is being a great big sister. 
Last night she was laying beside Bailee on the grass like she was guarding 
her.   I'm so glad I found you and have one of your sweet babies.    Thank 
you,  Janet
        Camano Island, WA

Bailee is now Hailey 
 Hi Lynn, 
 Just wanted to let you know that Miley is GREAT!  You really out did yourself with her.  She is so smart it is amazing.  She has taken so well to the wee wee pads, walks on the leash like a show dog, and sits in the car seat like a pro.  I have a convertible and I put her in the car seat in the back we ride around with the top down and she LOVES it.  I try to take turns taking them with me but so far she is always coming with one of the others.  It works out good because I am not leaving just one home and who ever stays home gets a extra treat. Miley went to Petco today and it was packed there and I think everyone there commented on her.  We got caught in a terrible rain storm and kind of hung out there until it died down a little, she really is a attention getter. And you are right she does SMILE!!! Lola is starting to play with her now and they are becoming buddies.  She really has fit right in. I am very glad tha I decided with your help to get Miley she hasn't upset the apple cart at all. She has just added to the assortment! I will keep in touch.
Thanks, Doreen 
 Hi Lynn      Hailey is the best puppy in the world.   She sleeps in her crate at night and we don't hear a peep.  When I get up and come in her room she's jumping around all happy and not crying.  I leave her crate door open durning the day and she goes in to take her naps or play.    I'm not sure who loves her the most my husband or myself.    When did you use Frontline spray on her?     Thank you again for a wonderful puppy.     Janet
I love my little "Max".  He is such a little love bug.  I think he will be small. I love his pedigree, too.    I got the paperwork.  You did not, however, send anything that needed to be sent back.  I wanted you to know I am happy with Max. (previous Chandler).

Thanks, Myra

 Nickie is absolutely the greatest, smartest pup.


He has conversations with me each day and gets my attention by calling me MAAMAA.  Some times he get a little excited and a bark will come out and all I have to say is use your inside voice and he starts his story out by MAAMAA and just keeps talking and talking just like he knows what he is saying.  Of course I will answer him and he turns his head sideways as if he understands every word.


Just wanted to let you know he is doing so well and just turned 1 year old.



 Hi Lynn,
Thank you for allowing us to bring Maggie Brandy Hawkins into our family.  She has been a bundle of energy and has brought a lot of love and joy back into our home after the loss of Pepper (our Shih Tzu for 14 years). At 5 months now, Maggie is firmly netted into our family web: loves to play with the boys, is incredibly intelligent (sits, lays down, heals, and how many Shih Tzu love to play fetch?)  and loving...she is our constant "shadow." 
She still has that spirtied streak in her -- like the cartoon carachter "Stitch" in "Lilo and Stich" -- as sometimes she has a very devilish attitude. But that's a part of her that works well with our 5th and 7th grade boys and she has a different and loving bond with each of us. Here are some photos I took today. She got had her first full grooming session after a "practice" one a few weeks ago and did great (we've used this groomer for over 12 years). The Vet has said Maggie is in top shape and we're just thrilled to have her in our home.
Thank you again!
The 4ks on Bainbridge
Kevin, Kyanne, Korey and Kolin 

 Hi Lynn
Just wanted to let you know how Mocha is making out. She is the most wonderful puppy! She sleeps all night in her little crate right beside me on the bed. No crying, not one little bit. She is friendly and loving to everyone. My friends all want to kidnap her. She loves to sleep curled up on my chest or cuddled up to my neck. She is playful and loves all my other dogs especially Sophie. She is learning to use the pee pad and is doing fairly well with that. She is everything a Shih Tzu should be and more. And she is so so cute!!! We all love her so much already! You did a fantastic job with her and I thank you so much for a great beginning. I would definitely buy a pup from you again.
Thanks again! I'll try and get some pics to you soon.
Have a very Merry Christmas.

 We made it back to Casper late last night, had a few delays due to weather, 
so we got in around 11pm - 1130pm. By the time we got his litter box and 
fabric kennel we got to bed around 3am so it was a long day. However, 
Mousse did fabulous!!! Not one whimper, cry, bark or anything during the 
whole flight and ate out of my hand during the layover and prior to getting 
on the flight so we wouldn't have any problems. We did keep our hand in the 
case during the flight since we couldn't keep him out and he just slept in 
the palm of our hands, that way he didnt think he was alone! :) He went 
right in the kennel and fell asleep and we never heard one peep out of him 
the entire night and into the morning! He is absolutely amazing!! 

Today we slept later than usual and hung out at the house. We are having 
some problems with the litter box thing just becuz its too far away and he 
cant find it quite yet so we are making adjustments and he also seems to be 
eating the litter. So I wanted to know which one you had used. We have the 
organic wheat kijnd so it wont harm him but we definaely dont want it to 
continue!! Other than that everything is wonderful and he is adjusting well 
and Ash and him seem to love eachother, when he has enough of her he hides 
under the coffee table and she ignores him its too cute like they have 
known eachother for years!!

We are good and I hope you are too, I ill try to get some pics to you in 
the next couple days. Sorry it took so long to get back to you on a status 
we are just getting acclimated! I know you understand! He is truely a great 
puppy, and the vet LOVED him and said what a great and healthy puppy he is!!

Thanks for everything. We truely appreciate the help, advise, and wonderful 
puppy we have! We love him dearly already!!!
Angela M 
Casper, WY

  and ASHLYN 
 I have bought two dogs from Lynn and I have been totally delighted with both dogs. They were healthy, very personable, well adjusted and social puppies. She is clearly a breeder that puts a lot of effort into producing a good quality dog. The puppies have done very well with children. 


 Hi Lynn~


Memphis is growing like a little weed and we are so in love with the little guy.  Thank you for blessing our home with him.  His personality fits right in with our fun, busy family.  I’ve attached a couple of photos of our angel.  I’ll send more as he continues to grow.


Good luck with your business, if anyone is looking for a wonderful addition to their family, we will definitely recommend you to deliver such a blessing.


Thank you,

The Stiles Family

 Hi Lynn,

I just wanted to give you an update on the most spoiled dog in the whole world. We are so in love with this dog that you can't even imagine. She has been such an outstanding addition to our family. She has been to the groomer a couple of times and is starting to feel more comfortable with getting brushed. There hair around her nose is most challenging on both dogs. Laura is starting to groom her a little bit and my regular groomer has agreed to take Laura on as a trainee in a few years. She is remaining pretty small. She is very smart, much smarter than Dim Sum and seldom has an accident in the house. I keep paper down in the washroom and she goes in there to use the paper. She is held constantly by everyone and has a great personality. 

I would never hesitate to get another dog from you. I have been so happy with the ones I have had. 

Thank you, sandy

 Hi Lynn:  I just wanted to send you some pix of Rudy.  It will be 2 weeks this Saturday since we picked him up and he's doing great!  He's really becoming a part of our family.  My two kids really love him and so do we.  He is so cute!  The potty training is going really well (I'm afraid to jinx it).  He loves to go on little walks to get the mail and does really well on a small little leash.  He almost seems to think he is a "big" dog.  He loves our laps and really seems to listen overall!  He is doing great in a crate at night and wakes up really happy.  He loves to just follow me around all day while the kids are at school .  He's gone to the vet once and was so calm -- he got a clean bill of health of course!  Everybody in the office there just loved him.  
Thank you again and we'll keep you updated on our little Rudy!
Wendy & Jim Pernas (and kids:  Nicolas & Natalie)

 Greetings! Sorry it has taken me so long to email an update on Benji..or Sundance as you knew him. He is doing absolutely wonderful!! And what a joy to have around. We are still working hard on the potty training but he is doing much better. He loves to go outside and try to catch bugs in the grass and go for walks. He LOVES to play fetch and would forever if I would let him. He is an awesome snuggler and prefers to sleep right next to  my head flat on his back...drooling on the pillow. I don't have any pics to send as of right now but I will as soon as I can. Thank you for such a wonderful companion!
God Bless you and your furry critters!!
Becky Stickney
Puyallup, WA
  Hi Lynn,
First of all I want to thank you for Bayley.  He is the most adorable puppy.  He fit's right in.  You would  think he has always been here..  Him and my little Kami
get along great.  Everyone that sees him falls in love with him.  I am sending you a picture of him.  It is the cutest picture of him.  Oh by the way his name is Bayley.
Thank you so much for the belly bands. They sure come in handy.  Now he is completely potty trained.  He dosen't need one now.  I have a doggie door, and he knows
how to use it.  He is such a good boy.  Talk to you soon.  Please take care of yourself.  My prayers are with you.

 Hi Lynn,

I wanted to share a picture of Goji that I took this week after he was groomed.  I have to say, he is now at 2 years of age and 6 lbs, he is absolutely perfect inside and out!  What a joy to have this little guy in my life.  He is inquisitive, playful, obedient and well-mannered – nothing bothers this pup, he is SO easy going!  Every morning he notices when I wake up and crawls up on my chest and sleeps there till I’m fully awake.  He is just too yummy!  Enjoy the pictures!



(Goji’s mother is Annie and father is Simba – I think!)


Tracy Elliott
Palm Beach, FL

Goji at 2 years old
I would like to say that Goji is one of my puppies that I am the most proud of. He is a wonderful example of how our little guys should look. He is cobby, with a study build, a lush coat and a very handsome young man. He makes me 
so proud!  Lynn :-))
Hi Lynn:  Rudy was @ 5 lbs, 12 oz on 6/29.  I'm still able to cup him in one arm -- but no matter what his weight is, he's our baby.   
Thanks, Wendy

Dear Lynn,

Fritz/ was Diesel is beautiful! His color is still about the same. He is so wonderful with the kids, covers them with puppy kisses lol. The first time I gave him a bath my 3 year old shrieked in terror "You made Fritz little!" because with his fur wet he is so tiny lol. He makes me laugh because he is so codependent! It is not enough to be close, he has to be right on top of me hehe. We took the kids to an outdoors event at Christmas and of course took Fritz with us too. There was a little girl Shih Tzu about his age in front of us and even though she was cute she was no where near as cute as he is. His little face is so smooshed lol.

So yes, he is wonderful! I can see me wanting another in a year or 2 so I will definately come to you then. I am taking him for his 2nd puppy visit at the vet today. They all went crazy over him last time.

Hope you had a great Christmas :)

Stacey & Family
Rocky Face, GA

 Well where do I start? I just want to thank you so much for our new little girl Luna (now goes by Harley).
She is an absolute beauty and a wonderful addition to our family. She is quite the character. Very vocal and I don't think I have ever seen a puppy get as excited about food as she does. She and our other Shih Tzu Sadie  get along very well and in fact during the day rather than each of them sleeping in their own plush little beds, they both end up curled up together in one. 
Harley is a wonderful little sleeper. She sleeps all night long in her own crate in our room. Not a peep. 
She just went in for another check up  and she is now 5 lbs at almost 5 months old.  :) 
She got to go with us to pick out our Christmas tree this year and I have attached a picture. 
What a love she is. She loves her walks and walks very proud. She is truly all girl. 
Thank you again so much for all the love and care you give your puppies so that we are able to enjoy a happy healthy puppy for many many years to come. 
Happy New Year 
Love the Nelsons

 I wanted to send you an update on Fritz (was Diesel when I bought him from you). This little dog is the love of my life! He is so perfect and has became such a part of my family. He has the sweetest spirit, is so loving with my children, and is up for anything! We went to the park the other day and he ran and played for 3 hours straight. The kids were riding their bikes and I kept picking him up thinking that surely he was tired but within a few minutes he was jumping from my arms to chase them. I have never seen a little dog have so much spunk and stamina.

We had friends fly in from out of town and stay a week with us. By the time they left they wanted your information so that they could get a dog like Fritz lol. The husband is a big italian macho guy that carried Fritz around and loved on him more than I did that week lol. So they may be getting in touch with you soon.

Anyways, thanks again for breeding such wonderful animals. I take him in a few weeks to get neutered and will send you all your paperwork from the vet then. I enclosed a few pics of him. I talk about him now more than I do my kids lol.


Hi Lynn~

I had Bella spayed today and wanted to send you proof of that to your new address.  Could you please email me with your new info?  

Bella is doing wonderfully, btw.  She is very loved by all of us.  So far she is only 5 lbs. at 6.5 months.  I'm guessing she will gain weight still as I believe you said she would be between 6-7lbs.  As of now she sure is a tiny one.  She rarely barks, loves to run around and wrestle with her big brother Rudy and she loves to eat.  Though with how tiny she is, you wouldn't know it.  Both my dogs have had a good summer going in and out of the back yard as they please.  I would say she is happy here and we love having her.  She is beautiful and such a good girl.

Hope you are doing well at your new location.  Hope to hear from you soon!

Yumi Sunday

Hi Lynn - Oh Hunter is so great!  He is so quiet and well mannered. He is so great with the girls and has bonded well with them.  He just keeps doing his thing, playing, following us around and loves to take naps!  I have only heard one bark out of him.  Last night sleeping didn't seem to be much of a problem either.  He would only wake up and whine when he heard my little one wake up. 

I have been working on getting a vet appointment for him - although a bit of a challenge calling on a Sat afternoon and Sunday.  I know you mentioned 72 hours as the contract says, we are trying to get him in just as soon as possible, I hope it's not a problem if it is Tuesday or so.  I will let you know of the appointment just as soon as I know.

Thank you so much with the job you did with him, he is GREAT!

- Mandy



Just wanted to let you know we love trey! He is the most awesome addition to our family, he makes us laugh several times a day! He has more Character, than he is big. And so smart!
Thank you for producing such wonderful little bundles of joy!
Jenn McGlynn and Family 
hi lynn
rudy finally made it to qatar! i'm sorry got busy with him should have written to u before.
i want to thank u so much we are all in love with him what a character he is he is such a happy boy and i think he's already in love with me! he is much more handsone than the pics and already took him to the vet they said he's in great shape.
we named HRH Oscar it really suits him. my coco is not into him yet i think she's a bit jeoulous and i am her favorite in the house!so it's understandable.
i will sign the papers u gave to my brother and send it back to u thank u so much again will send u pics soon i have short trip out for a few days and i'll do it as soon as i'm back.
take good care
Country of Qatar


Hi Lynn

I'm attaching a photo of Gracie whom I purchased from you 2 years ago. You named her Darcie. I just want you to know what a delight she is. She is such a well mannered, happy, active and loving little girl. If I ever purchase another dog it won't be from anyone but you. If I had my way I would have several more Chinese Imperial Shih Tzu's. I hope you keep breeding them for years to come. Thanks for providing us with such a wonderful blessing. 


Linda Lutes

Have a fabulous day!
RECEIVED NOV 15, 2011 

With my move and all, I have neglected to keep up on this important area. I have a new customer base and feel it is important to show that not only is the quality there, it has improved as my experience has. I will now begin to work on this area again. 

Lynn Fontaine
April 2013
Hi Lynn,

It was great hearing from you.  Wanted to let you know that Bijou is the great joy in my life, can't imagine not having him.  He is truly the sweetest dog I have every owned, he rarely barks and only when he hears someone at the door or sometimes when he wants outside.  My family, friends, neighbors all adore him and he is most enthusiastic when we walk the neighborhood.  He loves people and other dogs.  I am sending you a picture of Bijou.

Sandra Bowley
Lynn, I am very happy with Emma.  It's fun to see her look at new things.  This morning she was watching the cars go by and her little head was following each of the cars.  It's like she is seeing things for the first time.  She is my little girl.  I do love her.   Carole

Hi Lynn,

We took Annie to the vet on July 3, 2013.  I am attaching the medical report.  The vet says she was in very good health and we have her set up on a puppy shot plan.  I also am attaching a photo I took the other day when she was laying in my lap.  She was kind of playing with my fingers and all of sudden  she became quiet and crashed.  Sound asleep.  We also took Liza Jane along with us and the vet was nice enough to perform her yearly check up at the same time, which saved us another trip.  Liza Jane weighed in at 6.7 pounds.  Liza and Annie are getting along well and have begun playing.  Annie loves the outside and the grass.   When we take her out she runs out on the grass, goes potty and then lays down and stretches and rolls around on the grass.  Then she chases Liza around the yard.  We are very happy that we got her.

July, 2013
Hello Lynn,
I love going to your website and looking at the puppies. I was so surprised to see that Starr is still available. She is beautiful! 
As for my lil Rocky, he is such a character. He goes 100 miles an hour and then sleeps for hours to recharge. He has the sweetest personality but can be a little devil as well. I am so glad my daughter found your website. I am so happy to have found a quality breeder. You do such a wonderful job! 
Rocky has had been to the vet twice and has an appointment next Friday to get his last set of shots. The first vet visit he weighed 1lbs 8ozs. His last visit he weighed in at 2lbs 3ozs. I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of our little guy. We love him so much and very happy. Thanks again for being the Shih Tzo breeder you are! :)