Meadowlyn's Dream Shih Tzu

           Featuring Quality Made Belly Bands

Our Belly Bands are made to order from a nice selection of fun prints for your little man. Prices depend on the size. The normal width is a finished 4 inches. Each band has a 2 inch strip of velcro that will stay on your dog. All you have to do is measure the width around the area where he will be wearing his Belly Band and we will do the rest. All fabrics have been pre-shrunk in hot water and dried on hot in the dryer. We use 2 layers of the highest loft available and then create a quilted pattern. The stitching has been gone over several times so you don't have to worry about it not being secure. Even the velcro has been sewn over several times to make sure that it stays secure and lasts wash after wash. It is recommended that the velcro is closed prior to washing. 

Although I have not advertized on E Bay for quite some time, it might be worth your time to check under 6405lindy to see all of the positive comments about the belly bands. I stopped making them as I was having problems with my hands and could not keep up with the orders. My hands are better now and my mom is going to be making them along with me. She is the one who taught me to sew. 

7-8 inches                 10.00
9-11.5 inches             11..00
12-14.5 inches           12.00
15-16.5 inches           13.50
17-19.5 inches           15.00 made wider/5 inches
20-22.5 inches          16.50 made wider/5 inches 
23-25.5 inches         18.00 made wider/5 inches

If you desire to have additional width than the standard 4 inches on the bands 16.5 and under, it is an extra 1.00 per inch of width. 

Please send an email to stating:

How many
Pattern numbers
Your name
Delivery Address
Phone number if we have any questions

You will then be sent a bill by Paypal for your order. Please allow 7-10 days for your order to be processed as these are made by special order and made to your specifications. You will be sent an email when your order is sent out. 

Shipping is 1.95 for the 1st band and 1.00 for each additional band ordered. 

We have some bands that are already made and they will be offered at 10.00 out the door, no matter what the size. They will be listed at at the end of the page. 

Pictures Of Finished Belly Bands