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Meet Meadowlyns Dream Moms! 
Meadowlyn's Dream I'm Not A Shrinking               "Violet" 6 1/2 lbs
Violet is such a sweetheart, all 6 lbs 8 oz of her! She too, is from a long line of tinies and has the most adorable personality. She just loves to sit by my side and when she does not think I'm paying attention to her, she will give me a gentle tap with her paw. She is one of the most beautiful black Shih Tzu I have ever seen. Look at that beautiful face, nice Pedigree too! She has one of the thickest coats I have ever seen on a Shih Tzu. She produces lovely pups in all colors!
For those of you that are familiar with my dogs and my program, it is obvious that some changes have been made. I have fewer dogs and I am dedicating my program to the smaller dogs. I am breeding for sizes 4-7 pounds. I have what I need to do this after much research, testing of dogs, studying of lines and feel that I have the right mix to produce healthy puppies in this size range. 

I belong to the Chinese Imperial Dog Club of America and it is our goal to register as many of these "little guys" as possible. We have our work cut out for us. I am a firm beliver that the little ones are just as healthy as the breed standard. I've been breeding the smaller ones all along, but I'm setting out to do this full time now. Our ultimate goal is to have the little ones recognized with AKC as a breed of their own with AKC. There are many theories that they started our small in the first place. I do know that the small ones that I have bred are in their homes with their owners and are thriving. I do extra tests on my dogs just to prove to the naysayers that they are not correct. To own one of these precious babies is an honor. They are not little delicate dogs as one would like to think. They are quite hardy and so much fun. I have never seen such a small dog with such a big heart. They are little clowns who happen to be the most amazing dogs I have ever met in my life. Hooked, You bet I am! I can't say enough about their love of life, their loyalty to their owners, their beauty and what a sheer joy they are to own. They are simply amazing!!!

Thank You

~ELLA~ She is right around 4 lbs.Being too small to breed, she is spayed and our family MASCOT for "The Dream Team". She is a good example of the little "fun size" puppies created here at Meadowlyn's. This little girl brings sunshine in each day for me. She has no idea she is a little dog and is fearless. She is very athletic and  will fly from my loveseat to my couch just to get an ear rub. She is very entertaining to watch. She is one of the girls that will get on her hindlegs and dance and twirl for a treat. Ella is just a wonderful girl who always has me laughing at her adorable antics.I do, however, have her brother, Cruiser, for breeding purposes. He is about a pound heavier and with a much heavier bone structure. 
SPLASH~is one of our homegrown girls. She is around 7 lbs,a light liver & white.She has not had a litter yet. We are looking to breed her on her next heat.Her original name was Laci as a pup,but she had the habit of splashing every water dish empty with her front paws. So, Splash, it was!
Splash is For Sale, See Adults For Sale page.
Harper is a beautiful solid light red girl. She loves everyone.She is about 7 pounds full of fun! We are happy to add her to "The Dream Team". She comes from Mary's Exceptional Shih Tzu in the Seattle, WA area. We are looking forward to her pups in the spring of 1995.
Bianca-5 lbs 
This is our adorable little Bianca. She is just as sweet as she looks. All she wants is to be at your side. Personally, I am in love with this lil' gal. She is well mannered, smart and sooo loving. She has a ton of Champions back in her lines from Misty Deja Vue and Karyon. I have owned her great grandmother on one side and her great grandfather on the other. To me, This is what it is all about. I am so proud of her!!
Some of our moms have been retired and we have a couple of new young girls who are being evaluated. Since they are not bred until 18 months, I am not putting their pictures up until all tests and evaluation have been done. Each retired girl goes to a home that has been carefully chosen. She is spayed, teeth cleaned and and all vaccinations up to date. Since our dogs are really pets, this is not an easy thing to do. I try to place with family or friends where I can still have contact with them.