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    Hello, welcome to our site. My main job is to keep up the website for a family based hobby and also oversee all deliveries as I am the one who has the most experience, and being a family joint hobby, this is my contribution. I also have the most computer experience. It has been a nice way to keep involved with my parents and children who also help by having a dog, or two as pets. I use my spare time to learn all that I can to keep up to date on the state of the art testing and also spend time studying Pedigrees.  I have always been in love with animals of all kinds. As a child, I lived in a home filled with every type of pet you could imagine. I had horses, cows, ducks, rabbits, dogs, cats, and anything else that needed a home or care. The only animals I cannot tolerate are snakes and spiders!  I saw the miracle of birth over and over and was taught to love and respect our great creatures. In my adulthood, I went on to raise 5 healthy children who are now grown. I am now free to devote my time once again to a passion of mine, caring for pets. My love for the Shih Tzu came by pure accident. I was asked to foster a rescued Shih Tzu who was in dire need of medical care and love. She was missing most of her hair and was so infested with parasites that it was touch and go if she was going to make it at first. After her medical care, she was sent home with me to nurture her until she could be healthy enough to be placed in a permanent home. Well, you know how that story went. I named her Meadow, I bought her a collar, I bought her a name tag with my address, I bought her who was the dog going to after I had helped her regain her hair and her health? ME!  So,  I loved that little dog with all my heart. She was a joy, loving, intelligent and a perfect lady. What more could I ask for? It was then that I gained a respect for the incredibly lovable and intelligent breed. Meadow has passed on now. She succumbed to liver failure. The vet said she was at least 12 years old. She will forever remain in my heart. I dedicate this website and my new life as a Shih Tzu hobby breeder to her. Meadow, God Bless and may you rest in peace......

Having mastered the breeding of healthy small standard Shih Tzu, I am now embarking on a new adventure that I have been working on for years. I am a member of the Chinese Imperial Dog Club of America (CIDCA) and our mission is to eventually gain acceptance of the smaller Shih Tzu by AKC with their own name and their own set of standards. I have several of them out their purchased by many a happy customer. I have 5th and 6th generation dogs now that are my breeding stock and you will be seeing smaller puppies produced by me. I just love the little ones. They are all that the Shih Tzu brings to the table and more. I've had my adult dogs tested and they are as healthy as the standard Shih Tzu no matter what you read. My vet has seen me go through the process of downsizing and is amazed at these wonderful little jewels. So I say to the American Shih Tzu Club of America who claims the little ones who are not healthy, where is your proof. All I hear are words. I do not in breed my dogs to down size them. I guarantee their health. 
How it all Started...
This is a picture of my vet doing a check up on Tess, one of my gals to make sure that all is well before I consider breeding her. I've found a great vet who I consider part of my breeding program. I've learned much from him and with his direction, I'm able to take excellent care of all of my dogs. He is very caring and it is obvious how much he cares for his patients.
Maggie Ann Hanson 

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